bravo booth
Pizza king Michael Evans, left, accepts a sample of Bravo executive chef Chris Domanik’s wild mushroom ravioli that had been baked in alfredo sauce with Parmesan bread crumbs. Chris is a 1992 Columbus State Apprenticeship Graduate.

fish carvings
Aramark's placement of tasting samples on a mirrored surface.
Pizza king steps up to finer plates As he samples Taste the Future

Michael Evans who went to Italy two years ago to compete against the pizza world, liked what he sampled at Taste the Future, 2003 edition. (Evans returned from Milan with first prize in 2002 for USA entries. Evans, owner of Michael's Pizza in Westerville, Ohio, created his winning pie using a recipe for his Michael's Traditional - with Candy King onions, his recipe Italian sausage, Ezzo pepperoni, and his three choice cheeses.)

Evans had the assignment while walking through the 50-plus chef displays to select a favorite for presentation. His hands-down nod went to Aramark for the placement of tasting samples on a mirrored surface. Aramark's popular taste was sliced capon galantine stuffed with fresh ground veal, pistachios and sun dried cranberries.

Of the Aramark display, Evans wrote: “This was the most elaborate presentation of the gala with colorful vegetable carvings placed among spring greens with the mix of crunchy jumbo shrimp and sea scallops.”

Evans favored two desserts: From The Clarmont station - Coconut-crusted fruit kabobs with a honey-yogurt dip; and from Made From Scratch, the flaky savory cones with a bottom layer of chocolate ganache. His appraisal: “It was hard to stop at one.”

armark booth
The Aramark crew left to right: Shane Green, Pierre Nguyen, and chef Jim Willard, corporate executive chef
and a 1989 CSCC graduate. Aramark's silver service showcased a wide assortment of canapes.

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