Dump Star Ratings; Judge by Plus (+) Marks
By Doral Chenoweth

Use of stars to rate movies makes sense. Stars to rate food, restaurants, are confusing because of the many judgment scales used by all sorts of products. In my hometown, auto mechanics, mattress makers, and nude dance clubs rate with stars, all their own judgments. Food served in restaurants is either good, marginal, unacceptable, or poor. Plus and minus marks may be applied in those cases. Here is the Grumpy Gourmet's rating system that has been used over the years.

Very good

grump in the tub
You'll never see Zagat
reporting on restrooms.

ZAGAT is the vox populi of restaurant ratings. The books are compiled from lengthy forms submitted by those who request them. In my city the form lists a multitude of eateries and the respondent jots down an opinion, sometimes commenting on each. Names of people rating those restaurants do not appear. If there are 100 restaurant names, does Zagat expect the rater to visit
each one?

Guide Michelin rates with stars in the world's oldest restaurant rating system; grants three to exceptional restaurants in Europe.

Mobil in the USA rates with five stars, but those stars do not apply to the food, only the napery, ambience and service.

AAA rates food in hotels in their travel guides and their inspectors actually eat the food they report on. What a concept!

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