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You remember Venus Flytrap of WKRP in Cincinnati fame. Sure you do and what you see before you is the twenty-first century version of Venus. The same colored lights, the same wind chimes in the background and the same ultra smooth delivery.

This time around, instead of broadcasting to muffler shops in the Queen City “Radio Grump” will soon be broadcasting all over the world. How is this possible? Through the miracle of the Internet.

There will be a Streaming Audio button on the Home Page of www.GrumpyGourmetUSA.com. Click on that button and the magic will happen. Coming to you 24/7 will be the Radio Grump broadcast, full of spectacular discussions on food, food, food. No matter what time of day, or where in the world you are, you will be able to tune into the Grump.

Moderator for these broadcast will be Philip Vaughn, former disk jockey from Newark, Ohio. His most memorable gig was broadcasting from the roof of the Bali-Hi Drive-In, during the Sock Hop days of the Sixties.

Topics to be covered will amaze and delight you as will the wisdom and humor of the Grump and his group of selected Stars. The Grump 101 Internet site has been such a roaring success he has decided to go the next step, streaming audio.
Stand by World, rca dogspush that little black and white dog up in front of your computer speakers, he will listen too. Radio Grump is coming to you!

radio grump heading

Radio Grump Planning Conference        
Cafe Istanbul, Easton Towne Center        

grump sniffing
The Grump "Nose."        

looking at the spit
Christensen, Levine and chef rate Doner doneness              

The Columbus Mafia
The Easton Mafia              

star and producer
Moderator Levine and producer Vaughn    

cabinet level discussions
Cabinet level discussions.               

antique philco radio

...soon to blow the tubes from your Philco...

Eons ago one of the unpopular oddball midnight TV shows in Columbus was AFTER DARK...a talk show with serious production problems.

LARRY LEVINE caused it to happen. He was referee for the verbal combatants - Jon Christensen and the Grumpy Gourmet, both restaurant        reviewers with different opinions. Put it this way: Christensen liked vanilla ice cream; the Grump thought everyone should like chocolate.

The three of them drank cheap wine with their White Castle Slyders... on camera.  It was once reviewed as a “disgusting show.”

WHAT IT WAS...was a food show without the greasy mess. They talked food. They ripped restaurants. They praised restaurants. 

radio grump logo
SOCIAL ADVISORY: They're coming back...on radio...with a big time producer this time, Philip Vaughn. Who he? Vaughn is an old time disc jockey in the days when the hottest gig in town was broadcasting from the roof of the Bali-Hi Drive Inn, over in Newark, Ohio.

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