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These web pages are being pulled together to be a complete course in legitimate restaurant/food/food industry reviewing and commentary. It is designed to be a course called Grumpy Gourmet 101, material culled from Doral Chenoweth's lectures before the Ohio State University's hospitality department (Dr. H. Parsa); lectures over the years in behalf the Newspapers In Education programs; and restaurant industry appearances.

YOUR ATTENTION, PLEASE: The new Grumpy Gourmet 101 ® Website dealing with food issues, product recalls, ineffective USDA and FDA measures, food production failures, growing worldwide food shortages, unreported cruise line crimes and dangers, disease and water threats, up-to-date travel alerts around the world, USA cities to avoid, drug gang murders today in Mexico, go to this Website, the aggregator of related news:

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Our Target Market Group: Anyone Who Eats.

Columbus, Ohio USA

Doral Chenoweth reviewed restaurants for 20-plus years as the Grumpy Gourmet for The Columbus Dispatch. In the following years he was a columnist for that newspaper covering the food industry and restaurant business in general. His entry onto the beat came in 1960 when he was restaurant reviewer and saloon columnist for The Columbus Star. Today Chenoweth devotes full time to this teaching Website, lectures relating thereto and programming for a planned satellite radio show utilizing this Website in a supporting role.

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Many of the columns appearing on this site have copyright protection of the Dispatch Printing Co. Those that have not appeared in The Columbus Dispatch are copyright works of Doral Chenoweth, or, in some instances, filed with the Writers Guild of America as part of protected literary works registered as The Grump - The Series.
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