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Obesity=Slow Death

    Fat Nation notes: Whom should we blame? In America give credit for our obese culture to mothers of old who drummed into our senses - eat three squares a day. That was to make us fit into the Nine-to-Five work ethic. Since the Industrial Revolution this country has adhered to clock dictates. Eat a heavy breakfast, gulp down a pile of midday food in an allocated frame of employer-permitted minutes, end the day with dinner (known as supper in the south). Little wonder this is Fat Nation.

    Those deadly three squares a day give obesity a growth platform. Now there is talk of five daily meals. Who has time? One nut case came up with advice to make it six meals a day. Who has time for anything else?

    I could eat/taste/nibble/sip five times a day. But, then again, I pay attention to food relationships concerning bulk, quality, quantity, content,  packaging, source, and liquidity.

    My blame-credits for obesity: Dagwoods, AYCE buffets, stacked deli  sandwiches, oversized desserts (you don't eat such at home), the dining-out submission to restaurant up sell that says one should order the works - soup, salad, appetizers, entree, deserts. My restaurant routine upsets servers, but I order the entree first. Then, if still hungry, I select a salad or soup.

    I question restaurant preps of some foods. Why do restaurant strawberries have to be served in cream? Why do they poach pears when in the original form they deliver exquisite aromas and subtle tastes to my liking? There should be a law against Twinkies and its cellmates such as the liquid sugar called Mountain Dew. I avoid Fat Nation eateries such as Buca di Beppo and McDonald's. My advice: Listen to Richard Simmons' teachings - eat what you want, but work it off.

    Fat Nation updates will appear periodically.

(Opinion: Doral Chenoweth)



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