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(19 July 2002)  ConAgra Beef recall ordered: 
   USDA smacked the meat packer with a recall order of more than 18 million pounds of possibly contaminated beef, mostly ground into hamburger to be sold under many repackaging labels. Kroger nationwide buys heavily from Congra and sells under Kroger labels. E.coli bacteria is the culprit. Patron advisory: Ask source questions at point of sale when buying hamburger or any ground meat. Suggestion to USDA and FDA: Lobby to require meat packers to label all meats with routing notices listing original packer-to-wholesaler-to-marketer. 

(15 July 2002)  Red Lobster named E.coli source:
    Wire stories out of Tennessee credited a Chattanooga fish eatery as the E.coli source that killed an 84-year-old patron. Scores of other Red Lobster patrons from the same store required medical attention, some were hospitalized. Patron advisory: Give all seafood served in restaurants the sniff test before digging in. Most fish buys in supermarkets have a package expiration date; restaurant fin and shellfish do not. Demand arrival dates in restaurants. A statement from Darden Restaurants, owners of Red Lobster, has been requested.

(23 September 2003)  O'Charley's hepatitis A outbreak:
Knox County Tennessee will seek reimbursement from O'Charley's Inc. for some costs incurred in the hepatitis A outbreak that began at a West Knox County O'Charley's restaurant, officials said Monday. 42 cases of hepatitis A - seven of them employees of O'Charley's - have now been confirmed. The outbreak began after several workers at the restaurant were diagnosed with hepatitis A. Though the state may reimburse the county for at least part of the cost - around $100,000 - of the immune serum globulin, the county will look at recouping costs through other avenues, including asking O'Charley's Inc. for some reimbursement. The hepatitis A virus, which can impair liver function, is usually transmitted by person-to-person contact or by eating food contaminated by an infected person.

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