This Web site is dedicated to the four most important people in my life outside the family: My Urologist,
my Accountant, Richard Simmons and Josef Mossman ... all for assisting in extending my life.
The Grump

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Doral Chenoweth, aka The Grumpy Gourmet for The Columbus Dispatch, is a holdover from the journalistic era of hot type, Linotypes, 12-pica columns and street sale extra press runs.

He started as a cop house reporter, a classic “pad-and-pencil” reporter. Even today he has a “tabloid mentality” befitting the (restaurant) gossip columnist that he remains.

His serious writing credits: The Raleigh News & Observer, The New York Times, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Des Moines Register, Manchester Union-Guardian, United Press International, Scripps-Howard Newspapers, and a dozen trade magazines of little note. And, yes, Mad Magazine.

Chenoweth is a member of proper professional societies including the New York Dramatists Guild


Calling himself the digitalDude, Vaughn owns his own design studio in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. He has a BFA in Graphic Design from Ohio University and specializes in Creative Services. One of his acclaimed website creative fields is for restaurants. Many of his restaurant websites are posted as LINKS on

Vaughn has known and worked with Doral Chenoweth since Doral was on a training cane. His primary association is to bring him upward from the wood type era of print to the on-going development of this website.
terry libby

the hunter's table

Creative Coastal Cooking


Terry Libby is a free lance writer specializing in topics about the culinary arts and the restaurant industry. She also works as a marketing and public relations consultant.

She is author of "The Hunter's Table," a game meat focused cookbook featuring the recipes of Chef Richard Blondin.

Her new cookbook, "Creative Coastal Cooking," is a collection of 200+ recipes from a dozen notable chef-owned restaurants along the coast of Maine, from Kennebunk to Bar Harbor. (Available at

Libby lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and is a summer resident of Colchester, Vermont.
H. G.
Parsa PhD

University of Southern Florida

Dr. Parsa chairs the hospitality marketing, special events and foodservice management at the University of Southern Florida. It was his interest in The Columbus Dispatch’s annual review of restaurant closings that helped spawn this website. One of the six major site topics, 101 Reasons Why Restaurants Close, is dedicated to him.

Dr. Parsa holds degrees in chemistry, food science and technology, biology, and hospitality management. His decade of research is highlighted with his interest in food safety. He will be a major contributor to the site topic (now building), Safe At The Plate. He has an international reputation in his chosen fields and has been cited in the popular press - National Public Radio, Nation’s Restaurant News, Columbus Dispatch, American Express Business Briefs, and a score of hospitality journals. Dr. Parsa is a Fulbright Scholar.

He is active in the restaurant industry. His interest focus includes hospitality marketing, restaurant pricing strategies, the restaurant failure process, and multi-unit management as well as franchising in QSR - Quick Service Restaurants.

Bob Doty, Cartoonist